A mysterious cardboard box arrives at the doorstep of an aspiring web sleuth, who soon finds himself entangled in the unexpected absurdity of another dimension. A dimension not only of…sound, it’s a podcast, but of (unsound) mind. A journey into an abhorrent wasteland whose boundaries are that of… well… there are no boundaries, pretty bottom of the barrel here…

His next stop, the Darwinverse!


The Glimpses of Darwin series is dedicated to showcasing hilarious moments from my old podcast Darwin’s Deviations

This cinematic masterpiece was written, recorded, edited… and scripted, acted, produced… and directed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Investigator

No fruit was harmed during the making of this scene (cuz I murdered it beforehand)

Check out their podcast, creatively named Autopsy. ⁠HERE⁠

Check out their website as well at ⁠www.autopsypod.com⁠ (yes, they are semi-professional)

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Support independent niche creators, because who else is going to provide detailed, objective medical information on the condition of a victim’s remains, other than random “true crime” podcasters investigating from the comfort of their own home? 


Scenes from original Darwin’s Deviations Episode 19. Vampire Watermelons, with a Side of Garlic Bread ⁠LISTEN TO IT HERE⁠

Sound effects obtained from ⁠https://www.zapsplat.com

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