April Fools, suckers! Also, happy first night of Wrestlemania! The subject of this episode was voted on by our dear patrons.

For this installment of The Swerve, I’m joined by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess from Astonishing Legends to dive into the sinister dealings of that “extra special mongoose,” Gef, the Talking Mongoose.

Known on the Isle of Man as the “Dalby Spook,” Gef first appeared as wrappings and knockings on the walls of the Irving family home at Doarlish Cashen in September of 1931. Before long, the knocks transformed into full sentences from a high pitched voice.

Gef became the talk of the island, bringing investigators of all kinds to the island including Harry Price and Nandor Fodor, but what was Gef really? On this episode we dive into Gef’s exploits and try to figure out if he truly was an “extra clever mongoose” or something else…


Gef!: The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose by Christopher Josiffe

Gef The Talking Mongoose: The “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Tim R. Swartz

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