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1998 (APPROX.)

I would take walks in the Arboretum Forest behind the University in Bellingham, WA, there were good trails, but also a lot of valleys off trail that were fun to explore. I was walking on top of a ridge that ran along side of the walking trail and was looking for a way to get down into the valley, and area I had never gone, but I thought would be a shortcut on my way home. I noticed what I thought was a deer trail down through the ferns, the side of the valley was thick with ferns but there was almost a line where the edges of their fronds just barely touched rather than overlapping, so I carefully followed it down. It was easy going, getting to the bottom of the valley I noticed that down here the ferns stopped and Ivy took over, covering everything, only about 15 feet away from where I was there was what looked like a topiary of a sphere on a pedestal out of ivy, but i couldn’t see cut leaves or shape edges, it looked like the ivy had grown, or been trained on a frame of some kind.

I was kind of stunned and fascinated, turning and looking back up the trail I had come down, I could see the ground under the fern fronds and there were clearly steps carved into the hillside. I wasn’t sure what to think but decided to look around and explore more. I noticed two more ivy ‘sculptures’, one a humanoid figure, and one a horse rearing up, both on ivy pedestals. Then as i walked up the valley some, I found a door, in a frame, laying on the hillside, it was wood, i remember thinking it looked like it was made of pieces of plywood glued together, and that it looked very heavy, but maybe a prop from a theater production? it had a gold knob handle, and simply painted in red on it “Door To The Future”. I tried to open it but the knob just turned around and around and it wouldn’t pull open, and I couldn’t pick it up. it was starting to get dark at that point so I headed down the valley, wading through the ivy and eventually it let out onto a residential street, just up from pizza pipeline if i remember correctly. not sure what it was, but its stuck with me for a long time.

Submitted by MagickalRod

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