A pair of Dreadheads help me dissect the legend of snuff films and our obsession with death on camera!

TRIGGER WARNING: Apart from obviously discussing filmed murders and suicides, we will also be exposing our morbid curiosity over gore videos and violent underground cinema. Jon and Jo are also sick fucks with a dark sense of humor (as am I), so don’t go whining if you are offended by our jokes today!

Yes, as you may have noticed, today we are putting our edgelord fedoras on to discuss the origins of the snuff film urban legend, exploitation movies like Snuff or Cannibal Holocaust which contributed to the legend unfolding, the role of gore sites in preserving lost media, and even the Vietnam war’s role in introducing an American audience to televised depictions of blood and guts, in living color!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Jon and Jo for bravely emerging from the shadows, allowing an oblivious audience to be exposed to whatever atrocious mental STD they were carrying! ❤️

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