This week I got COVID… so I got my buddies, Brian and Angelo of the Double Density podcast, to step in and host this bad boy this week.

Philip Julian Klass is one of the most reviled figures in UFO history. A skeptic by nature, Klass would become synonymous with bad faith debunking, badgering Ed Walters on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and his $10,000 challenge. This week, Brian and Angelo talk about his life in UFOs, his ufological principles, the fallacies in his thinking, his few victories, and they somehow get him to review this podcast?

Special thanks to Brian and Angelo for stepping up and helming the ship this week!

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interview with PBS:

George Knapp interviews him:

Don Ecker on Phil Klass:

Randle vs Klass

Friedman vs Klass on Nightline – part 1 of 2

Friedman vs Klass on Nightline – part 2 of 2

Letter PJK sent about Stanton Friedman moving to Canada:

National Tattler worm cover:’_away.jpg

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Rob Kristoffersen is an amateur UFO researcher from the Adirondacks of Northern New York. He is the host of the podcast, Our Strange Skies: UFOs Throughout History.