Shibble nerds over Dungeons & Dragons as we discuss the franchise’s most prosperous days: the Satanic Panic!

But beware, as we are dissecting D&D through the lens of 80s mass hysteria we will also be talking about triggering topics such as child abuse, teenage suicide and crazed conservative right-wingers!

Shibble breaks down the history of Satanic Panic through the stories which inspired books like Remembering Satan, The Dungeon Master and even Michelle Remembers, while I attempt to crap all over regressive hypnosis yet again, by tying the alien abduction craze back to satanic ritual abuse hysteria. 

Shibble also shakes his head in disappointment as I try to make the case that D&D truly is magic, and may be used for divination! Hey, maybe we trigger some conspiracy nuts along the way!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Shibble from Uncle Monster’s Spooky Time Fright Hour for purging all of his D&D and Satanic Panic obsessions upon us, allowing me to profit off his knowledge without doing a sliver of research myself! 🤣

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