A psychedelic exploration into the subconscious mind of a creative weirdo! Yes, that’s what most paranormal experiences actually are… but also the plot of this episode.

I present you a recycled compilation of very introspective psychedelic scenes I created for my old show, culminating in more ranting from our buddy Aaron!

Why am I recycling my own content? I dunno, isn’t that what experiencers do each time they bring up their stories? Maybe these narratives are produced so we may constantly go back to them, trying to piece together the puzzle of our own minds, and in doing so start noticing the archetypal symbology which connects us all!

WARNING: This episode is full of juvenile toilet humor! This is to be expected if we are exploring the imaginal innerspace of my own psyche!
Huge THANK YOU!!! to Aaron for helping bring our absurd nonsense to fruition, and playing the coolest character thus far!

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