Fred returns to share tales of ghost rockets, Scandinavian trolls, clowns, mummies, and even floating boxes!

Fred Andersson is an author, Fortean researcher, and a producer of Scandinavia’s #1 paranormal streaming show Spökjakt. His upcoming book “Northern Lights: High Strangeness in Sweden” chronicles some of the most bizarre cases of UFO weirdness dug up from the annals of Swedish ufology.

Along the way we lose our sanity discussing flaps of vampire, mummy and even clown sightings, attempted alien abductions which I misheard as involving freakin’ dragons, trolls stuck in people’s houses, gnomes emerging from floating light orbs, and how sharing ghostly experiences often serves as a gateway to safely talk about high strangeness!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Fred Andersson for sharing so many weird stories, becoming a close friend, and even quoting me in his upcoming book!

For more wacky high strangeness stories check out his blog

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For more Swedish strangeness, check his podcast Märklighetsfaktorn

Look out for his upcoming book Northern Lights: High Strangeness in Sweden (yes, he changed the title)


Episode artwork by Fred Andersson @homosatanis

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