I go off on a solo rant discussing high strangeness as a catalyst for perceptual diversity!

After doing a whole roundtable with 3 artists about the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins, I have been left pondering whether the cultural influence of these strange cases are a much more relevant subject of study than the reality of the event itself.

Whether they were alien, fairies or just a bunch of barn owls, the Kentucky goblins have transcended any possible physical existence from bygone days, persevering to this day through art, media, language and storytelling as a globalized cultural entity.

Check out my prior roundtable where we analyze this case through the perspectives of digital artists: Kentucky Goblin Fairy-Go-Round – with Todd Purse, Kris Galeano and TheCrescentHare


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Kris Galeano for providing his amazing artwork of the eyewitness sketches in a police lineup! ❤️

Follow him on Instagram @kris_galeano …and check his Weird Wednesdays project by searching #weirdwednesdays


Episode artwork by Kris Galeano @kris_galeano

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