Garett shares his zany adventures sleuthing for, and ultimately embodying, a mysterious shrimp creature!

Garrett Kelly is the co-founder of Liminal Earth, a crowd-sourced online map of the weird and unusual. In his spare time he also enjoys investigating anomalous occurrences in and around the urban environments of Bremerton and Seattle… sometimes while dressed in a shrimp costume!

So what’s the deal with the shrimp? Well… upon moving to Bremerton, WA, he learned of an old magazine article detailing a witness’s terrifying encounter with a 5-foot tall shrimp creature lurking in her basement.

This case sent Garrett on a wild goose chase, encountering clues and synchronicities leading him to piles of peeled oranges, a mysterious goggled man, hidden shrimp-infested creeks, an abandoned dream park, child-stealing snail women, and a profound realization that such strange journeys help remind us of the innate magic hidden within our own cities!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Garrett Kelly of Liminal Earth for sharing these hilarious glimpses into the unknown and his efforts to reintroduce a bit of mystery in his urban community! ❤️

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