A full-time cryptozoologist shares stories of his expeditions around the world tracking the most elusive cryptids!

Richard Freeman is an author, former zookeeper, and the Zoological Director for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, who organize international expeditions in search of cryptids which very likely might exist: the Orang-Pendek of Sumatra, living specimens of the Tasmanian wolf, Giant anacondas of the Amazon, and even the Mongolian death worm!

Though Richard is a flesh-and-blood cryptozoologist, he is also a fellow Fortean, so along the way we also discuss paranormal activity, light phenomena, high strangeness, and the possibility that numerous cryptids might actually be otherworldly entities, and dare we even say… tulpas!

I highly recommend reading Richard’s books “Adventures in Cryptozoology – Volumes I and II“, which you may find on Amazon


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Richard Freeman for sitting down to speak with a huge fan of his work, and sharing that it is well worth keeping an open, and even paranormal, mind when researching cryptids ❤️

Contact Richard via e-mail at doctor3uk@yahoo.com

You can check out the The Centre for Fortean Zoology on their website cfz.org.uk

Grab a copy of Richard’s books “Adventures in Cryptozoology – Volumes I and II” on Amazon

Also check out his earlier book “The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia” on Amazon

…and be on the lookout for his upcoming book “The Highest Strangeness” later this year!


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