Lisa from Cryptid Comforts shares her journey and role in revitalizing the myth of the Squonk, an oftentimes overlooked critter of lumberjack lore, probably because it cries itself into a puddle of tears if you even look at it!

Lisa is best known for traveling to cryptid conventions all across the States with the cutest assortment of cryptid stuffies you will ever lay your eyes on! But in an attempt to defy the shyness of the Squonk, she deemed 2022 The Year of The Squonk, started dressing in full costume as the Squonk, and even authored a children’s book about the Squonk!

I know I said the word Squonk too many times here, but it seems people can’t get enough of the Squonk! It is cute, it is sad, it has remained hidden for over a century only to boom in popularity the past few years, and with the help of Lisa get its very own convention later this year: Squonkapalooza!

Be sure to plan a trip to Central Park, Johnstown, PA on August 26th for this inaugural Squonk convention!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Lisa Russell from Cryptid Comforts for keeping this wonderful legend alive!

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