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Outside of a storm of synchronicities, it’s still important to record other moments that trigger that “this is important” feeling in your gut. I often find that I will collect bits and pieces over time, and when a real synchronicity storm hits, suddenly many of those pieces will fit together, or become starting points for other relevant discoveries.

These are a few pieces I collected between February and December of 2021.

The painting

Originally shared 20 February 2021

We have Zoom coffee every two weeks with a friend. Just this morning he said, “Maybe I’ll pick back up watching Hellier” after I told him I was watching it again with my teen (parental note: it’s a FANTASTIC tool for teaching kids about ethics and boundaries and thoughtful interaction with these topics).

A bit later in our conversation he showed us a piece of art he bought and hung just that past week depicting a woman running through a dark wood when confronted by a group of fae.

A few hours go by and my daughter and I sit down to watch the next episode of Hellier together – S2E8: The Secret Commonwealth.

Within the first two minutes, my friend’s new framed art purchase is on my TV.

Fairys and the Peasant Girl, Yuliva Litvinova

As I was writing this I needed to look up the name of that painting, so I turned on my TV to fire up Hellier. It turns out I was about to start this very episode next in my third re-watch of the series. The first words out of Greg’s mouth are, “So you want to talk about synchronicities, right?”

The Horse Race 

Originally shared on August 2nd, 2021

I’ve been reading Etidorpha and doing some side-line research to place it in its historical context.

Came across this delightfully synchronistic combination of names from a horse race in New Orleans that took place on 13 Jan 1900: Etidorpha, Monongah*, Pan Charm, and False Lead.

*The Ohio River splits in Pittsburgh and its southern branch becomes the Monongahela.

Fairys and the Peasant Girl, Yuliva Litvinova

The Wagon Wheel

Originally shared 23 November 2021

When your local radio station does a feature on old local night spots from the 70s and highlights The Wagon Wheel on Old US Hwy 52! 

Highway 52 ran from Portal, ND diagonally across the US to the coast at Charleston, SC and runs through Ashland, KY. 

Geographic synchronicities are cool!

The Wagon Wheel Supper Club / Nite Club, Waite Park, MN


Originally compiled between 30 November and 02 December 2021

A friend of mine, Shawn Knight, worked on an alternative cipher to the NAEQ which he calls EQ-31, because it is based on the value 31 (visit his site for a more robust explanation). His online calculator returns values from both the NAEQ and EQ-31 ciphers, so I decided to play with it, and had pretty fun results.

Note: I do all this for fun. The results are interesting, but I am cautious to never take anything too seriously, because that’s when the fun stops and spirals start.


The city where I was born: EQ-31 93: Apocalypse (I mean, it is in Kansas…), Babalon. NAEQ 91.

The street I lived on when I met my partner and the city where we bought our first house both equaled EQ31 146: Indrid Cold, The First Gate. NAEQ 246.

The city where we bought our second house: EQ-31: Roswell (my siblings went to military school there); NAEQ 216: The Middle Gate

The city where we live now – NAEQ 112, Indrid Cold

And, since I was curious, I entered “The Last Gate” which returned EQ-31 126: Point Pleasant, White Sands (my brother was stationed there with the Air Force), Sagittarius (my sun sign) NAEQ 166: Sagittarius, Hereafter, The Ending

St. John’s Abbey – NAEQ 194: Alistar Crowley 

The islands in the river I visit to get away from everything, named by Zebulon Pike: EQ-31 177: Garden of Eden

Mt Zion Cemetery, where my KY ancestor is buried: EQ-31 169: Albert K. Bender, Men In Black


My maternal great-grandmother whose last name was Bender (no relation, I checked) who married the grandson of my KY ancestor: EQ-31 136: Illuminati. NAEQ 150: Hopkinsville, Illuminati

The name of the person who put in a new grave stone for my KY ancestor in the 50s: EQ-31 112. NAEQ 102: John Keel. 

Repeating values in EQ-31:

My mother’s name and the name of her ancestor who is buried in Science Hill, KY: EQ-31 221

My maternal grandmother’s, maternal grandfather’s, and father’s names equaled the exact same value: EQ-31 225: Sage of the Labyrinth.

My son’s name and the county I grew up in (across the river): EQ-31 148: Secret Chiefs; Secret Masters. My son’s name in NAEQ 150: Hopkinsville 

My daughter’s name, the street we live on, and the county we currently live in: EQ-31194: Leaping Laughter (the name of the OTO lodge in Minneapolis). In the NAEQ my daughter’s name also equals 198: Leaping Laughter

St. Peregrine (the martyr entombed in the reliquary at St. John’s) and North Star 23 (the masonic lodge in town): EQ-31 140: coincidence


I was playing with writing out scripts in the reverse search feature of the NAEQ and made a delightful discovery upon typing “There once was a dog named Watch” (our childhood dog’s name).

Once was a dog = 93

Named Watch = 112

She really was a magical beast!

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I can’t recall a time when I didn’t believe in magic, or that when I spoke with the trees they could hear me, or that one day I would see a unicorn.

I still believe all these things, but more than that, I have grown in curiosity over the years.

My path had largely been solitary, and while I do enjoy my alone time, I love supporting community and finding opportunities to support independent creators, artists, thinkers, and performers.

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