Scribd is a magical resource, full of the most obscure documents, journals, and manifestos ever assembled in one location. One fine day I stumbled upon a strange report assembled by Dennis Pilichis entitled Night Siege – The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion.

The report details the struggles of the Robert S. family as they defended their property from a series of strange beings and objects. The story reads like the Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident on steroids and maybe drugs. Definitely drugs.

This story has it all: Bigfoots with glowing red eyes, dark figures with weird flashlights, UFOs of all kinds, the most baller illustrations you’ve ever seen in your life, (Shout out Larry Blazey) a family that will literally shoot at anything while on their roof, and rabbits filled with cynaide.

Spencer Wirth Davis (The What If? Podcast, The Layers Lair & Dang! That’s Weird) returns to experience the Invasion for himself!


Night Siege – The Northern Ohio UFO-Creature Invasion by Dennis Pilichis

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Rob Kristoffersen is an amateur UFO researcher from the Adirondacks of Northern New York. He is the host of the podcast, Our Strange Skies: UFOs Throughout History.