In episode 140 we looked at a wave of UFO activity that occurred in 1967. Many reported seeing strange red lights and metallic structured craft, and other objects, but few humanoid sightings were reported. In 1968, things got a lot weirder.

Throughout Canada witnesses reported strange encounters with humanoids, including luminous men, spacesuit-clad figures, a long bearded naked figure clinging to a boulder overlooking a cemetery, and figure with an ugly face peering in through a window.

Todd Purse returns to the pod to talk about Canada’s “Year of the Humanoids,” the 1968 Canadian Humanoid Wave!


The Canadian Humanoid Wave of 1968 – Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

The trash podcast, Mysterious Universe, and they’re article about the 1968 humanoid wave by Brett Swancer

“UFO Chases Car” – UFO B.C.

“Light Being at Whytecliff Park” – UFO B.C.

“Victoria B.C. UFO Photographs” – UFO B.C.

APRO Bulletin Contains a UFO Report from B.C.

APRO Bulletin about a spate of sightings in Ontario

APRO Bulletin Sep-Oct 1968

Flying Saucer Review article by Gordon Creighton called “An Unprepossessing Creature Seen in Canada”

The 1968 HUMCAT

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