Laura and Tonya share their adventures in legend tripping, cryptid conventioning and community building!

As the hosts of Spooks, Creeps and Assorted Devilry Podcast, as well as admins of many Facebook groups, this duo of young gals actively engage with and promote the cryptid community, earning some cool haunted tours along the way.

But as with any paraweirdo, both of their lives are surrounded with wacky phenomena! Tonya shares her childhood experiences with a haunted house, shadow beings and Ouija board shenanigans. Laura shares her family’s encounters with living pterodactyls, monkey-faced mermaids, and even her grandfather’s exorcism of La Lechuzas! I guarantee we are not making this stuff up! 😁


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Laura and Tonya for all their help supporting our community, and allowing me to shamelessly plug my show on their Facebook group! This episode was a lot of fun and I had a great time just chatting and laughing. 😁

Meet Laura and Tonya in person at Frogman Festival on March 4th in Mason, Ohio!

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