This is the beginning of my new audio diary, and it’s called Earth Love Diary. Enjoy!

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Original Peoples Acknowledgement

Many lands throughout the world have been colonized without the permission of those living there. This work is created in and around the Portland Basin region, which is the ancestral home of many different peoples. They include the Cowlitz, Klikatat, Molala, Tualatin, Clackamas, Kathlamet, Multnomah, Wasco, and Wishram among others. Many of their living descendants continue to make this place their home. We acknowledge that this is their land.

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Telesma Blooorb is just a blue orb trying to get by in this world. Rachel Nelson is her corporeal host. She is a lifelong enthusiast of ufos and the weird. Together we have a podcast. The podcast is called The Earth, not to be confused with the planet.