Author and independent folklorist Morgan Daimler joins to inspire us with a vast knowledge of Irish fairy lore.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, today we will be blending together fairy lore and supernatural inspiration to discuss the often overlooked (and misrepresented) concept of fairy muses. Kidnapped musicians, poet’s dark muses, fairy lovers, and even imaginal offerings!

Can our relationships with the Good Folk be the source of our creativity? May we be channeling inspiration from them? And if so, are our creative endeavors used to convey messages from beyond the veil? We may not know the answers, but we feel inspired enough to discuss the possibilities!

Grab a fresh-off-the-press copy of Pagan Portals – 21st Century Fairy: The Good Folk in the new millennium HERE


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Morgan Daimler for engaging in such an inspirational conversation! ❤️ Be it from our cool selves or some divine force, we felt so inspired that we actually recorded 3 episodes before this one even got released! 😁

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