1967 was a unique year for Canada. While the United States was embroiled in its own flap that saw the Ohio Valley play host to a myriad of strange activity, the Men in Black run amuck on UFO witnesses, and the government shunt off its UFO program to the University of Colorado, Canada’s flap was a quiet affair… but a predicted one.

“In the spring of 1967 the late Dr. Olavo T. Fontes of Rio de Janeiro, an intensely interested student of the UFO mystery, predicted the fall of that year would record more UFO sightings than any period in the 20-year history of the phenomena.

“Asked on what basis he made this prediction, he explained that he and other researchers had noticed that UFO waves occurred every 26 months. In addition he had made the personal observation there was a peak period every five years, and according to his calculations the two cycles would merge late in 1967.

“Some weeks later when Dr. Fontes was visited by Jim and Coral Lorensen of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, the three of them discussed his forecast and tried to select the areas where activity would be most pronounced. Because Canada and England always had their share of visits, but so far not in any unusual number, they picked these two countries as the probable areas of most noticeable activity.”

Canadian UFO Report dubbed 1967 “the year we were invaded without knowing it.” In this episode we will explore the UFO activity that occurred in 1967, beyond the big two cases, The Falcon Lake Incident and the Shag Harbour Incident, to the corners of the country where the UFOs took an interest.


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