Comic artist Todd Purse and comic nerd Super Inframan team up for a super-mega comic book geek-out!

But as this is a paranormal show, we take it a step further to discuss the inherent liminality and mystical history of the comic book medium itself!

Chaos magic, divine channeling, missing time, encounters with Men in Black, even conjuring tulpas of superheroes, all fantastical events we may witness in the pages of a comic book. 

But what if we told you that sometimes these events seep into the real world, changing the lives of their creators forever, ultimately allowing them to create new mythologies and even influence reality as we know it!?


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Super Inframan (sometimes known as Saxon) for sharing his vast knowledge and love for the comic medium and its history!

Hear more of him as a frequent guest host on Where Did the Road Go?

Follow him on Instagram @super_inframan Mastodon or on Facebook @saxon.williams.353


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Todd Purse for joining in on this mutual co-creation… and later stealing my guest to interview him himself! 

Yes guys, if you want more amazing comic book discussions with Todd and Saxon, check out Todd’s episode of Create Magic titled Creative Weirdos: Super Inframan

If you wish to see more art like this, follow Todd on Instagram @toddde85

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