The Cosmic Witch herself joins to conjure up some high strangeness!

Susan is a researcher, experiencer, practicing witch, author of Cosmic Witch, and contributor to the Ufology Tarot project as well as Dr. Hunter’s new book Deep Weird! Heck, once upon a time she even investigated UFOs for the Canadian military! 

Nowadays however, she immerses herself in the subtle and peaceful magical wonders of an Italian countryside, researching, blogging, and preparing an upcoming book detailing her efforts to replicate the Philip experiment and conjure an imaginary UFO via the power of sheer will! 

Yes, you read that right. Yes… this episode is going to be a wild ride! 😁

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Huge THANK YOU!!! to Susan Demeter for being one of the nicest yet also the coolest people I had the pleasure of speaking with ❤️

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