Welcome back to the third and final part of our series on Whitley Strieber. If you thought the last episode was wild, prepare yourself to take classes on Mars with the Sisters of Mercy.

On this episode we cover the remainder of Whitley’s books, including Secret School, detailing his time learning secret lessons in the Olmos Basin of San Antonio. In The Key, Whitley has a conversation with a strange man who knocked on his hotel room door. Whitley conveys all the lessons he’s learned and ultimately returns to the cabin in 2022.

Tune in as we try to bring it all back together on Whitley Strieber, Part 3!


Majestic – ISBN-13: 9781250183675

Secret School – ISBN-13: 9780061096181

The Key – ISBN-13: 9781585428694

Casebook: Alien Implants – ISBN-13: 9780307482686

A New World – ISBN-13: 9781582708157

Shock Docs: The Visitors (2002) – Travel Channel

Coast to Coast AM

Various Youtube Interviews

Sightings S04E12

Whitley’s Journal – Unknowncountry.com

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