Alan ends the month expanding our minds with an open-ended discussion on consciousness, manifestation and co-creation!

As the host of Mystic Lounge, and creator of the Half Light documentary, Alan has spoken with some of the greatest minds in spirituality and the paranormal. Hey, he even had me on as a guest!

After a miscommunication in scheduling, we ended up recording completely unprepared, so as expected in such a situation we ended up chatting about focusing one’s intent, the reality-changing influence of mere thoughts and language, our role in the overarching cosmic consciousness, and how each of us together may contribute towards manifesting and co-creating a more positive paranormal!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Alan B. Smith for sharing his optimistic outlook and helping co-create a more positive paranormal ❤️

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Check out my appearance on his show: Gaia Hypothesis and Weird Alien Ideas Are We Part of an Interconnected Living Organism?


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