Rick opens up like never before, juggling his conflicting desires for belief against the rejection of his prior faith!

As the host of Spooks, Creeps and Assorted Devilry Podcast, as well as the admin of many Facebook groups, Rick actively engages in community building within the paraweird sphere, despite his personal doubts towards the reality of everything he desperately yearns for.

He shares his struggles with his former faith, finding a sense of belonging within the cryptid world, and how this sent him down a path of becoming a optimistic and hopeful skeptic.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Rick Belcher for sharing his personal journey and numerous conflictions which mold him into a very nuanced and kind community-builder. Hopefully one day Bigfoot reciprocates his love and manifests before Rick… though via a portal!

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Vuk/Darwin, host of Tracing Owls Podcast. All-around trickster weirdo discussing biology, forteana, the paranormal and their intricate cultural nuances!