For more whimsical chats with myself and Kaitlyn check out her podcast Bug in a Rug! I guested on their newest episode today where we discussed the the Averasboro Gallinipper, a giant mosquito cryptid which loves to terrorize the imagination of lumberjacks!

Listen to it on: Ep. 133 Averasboro Gallinipper


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Kaitlyn for sharing her enthusiasm and childhood wonder with us!

Check out her podcast, Bug in a Rug Podcast HERE

If you have topic suggestions, or just wanna chitchat, reach out to her on Instagram @biarpodcast

Check out this episode with a topic suggested by us! (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) Ep. 101 The Murder of Robert Beckowitz


This is a republish of my original episode Wampus Cat Hijinks – with Kaitlyn from Bug in a Rug Podcast, published on April 15th 2022.



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