We are ending the year with a wacky 4-person Kentucky Fried Chicken Coop! An amazing assortment of weirdo artists, Kris, Christina and Todd, join to completely subvert the traditional podcasting approach towards the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblin incident.

Instead of bothering you with the same old spiel of presenting case details, we tear the case to shreds to rather discuss the creative impact this incident had on pop culture, spawning the Little Green Men trope and forever incorporating goblins in the annals of ufology.

But were these goblins really aliens? Might they have just been a bunch of owls? Or fairies? Nature elementals? Or how about psychedelic manifestations induced by bioluminescent mushrooms!? Yup, we go there! 🤣


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Kris Galeano for drinking just enough to loosen up to this chaotic discussion! ❤️

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Huge THANK YOU!!! to The Crescent Hare, a.k.a. Christina (actually a barn owl in “human” disguise) for the amazing episode art!!!

Show your support by following her on Instagram @thecrescenthare ….and remember, birds aren’t real!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Todd Purse for pulling through this episode with the hallucinogenic help of cough medication!

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Intro sampled from “Something strange lurks in the shadows” by Francisco Sánchez (@fanchisanchez)

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

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