Cole and I cringe trying to understand why Christians are obsessed with discovering living dinosaurs! 

Mokele-mbembe, Burrunjor, Ropen, even Nessie: All favorites of the oblivious everyday cryptid fanboy, but what if we told you there is a seedy dark underbelly of cryptozoology infiltrated by Bible-thumping Christian fundamentalists!? 

The pseudoscinetific world of cryptozoology has forever attracted the likes of Young Earth creationists, hellbent on disproving real science by locating biologically-inaccurate dinosaurs spawned from the fever dreams and drawings of 19th century colonial imperialists. 

In the spirit of creationism, Cole and I do absolutely zero research and proceed to spew shit in a psychotic rage for your listening pleasure! 

Just remember kids, if a cryptozoologist tries to convince you of pterosaurs existing in the modern day, chances are they’re appropriating a native culture, and your favorite hobby, to cram religious propaganda down your throat!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Cole Herrold from New World Explorers Society for bravely and honestly sharing the impact paranormal experiences had on his life!

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