Hobbyist rambler Aaron joins to provide an outsider’s perspective on the nonsensical world of the paraweird! 

Our little community has a certain gatekeeping problem: We isolate ourselves in safe space bubbles and refuse to talk with strangers, out of a fear that they may challenge our kooky beliefs. 

So in an attempt to be more inclusive, I decided to invite a guy who professionally complains about mundane annoyances and ask him what he thinks about these weird interests of ours. 

Unexpectedly, I got pulled into a discussion about interdimensionality, government conspiracy, haunted graveyards and ridiculously expensive hammers! Just goes to show you to never underestimate an outsider, because we can all be kooky weirdos when provided the opportunity 🤷


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Aaron for agreeing to come out of his own comfort zone and say some things that he HAD to say!

Check out his podcast “I HAD to Say It” HERE 

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