2015 (APPROX.)

When I was a student here I experienced the weirdest thing that I still can’t explain to this day. On this particular day I had to use the restroom, now there are around 3 restrooms total in this building two out of the three residing on the second floor where my classroom was, and the last in the basement, after seeing the other two were full I had no choice but to use the basement one. One kindergarten classroom and the art room are on the basement floor, both of which were on field trips that day, when you enter the basement you can see both the classrooms entirely, from what I saw all the lights were off and the doors locked, they were on a field trip as I had heard. Any who I walked into the bathroom, the bathroom has two wide doors that you have to shove open to get in. There are two sets of stalls, I wanted a big stall that day so I walked to one side and slightly looked under the stalls, they were so short that I could see all the way under. Nobody was in the stalls on this side. After seeing this side did not have my big stall I went to the other doing the same process, nobody there either, but now I had my big stall. As I was locking the door I heard the words “wait for it…” whispered, it sounded like it was coming from all around me, I couldn’t pinpoint if it was male female young or old, being scared out of my mind I ran out of the bathroom. I would’ve heard someone come in due to the doors, nobody was already in there or the basement. When I went back at recess time to check with my friends we found all the sinks were gushing water and almost overflowing. Now no evidence of this remains because The school has been remodeled but maybe the bathroom basements are still there? One thing I know for sure is that I will never go back. The sense of dread I got from going in them has never been replicated

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