The greatest John Keel fanboy is invited to share his knowledge on the greatest Keel knockoff: Gray Barker! 

As a resident of Point Pleasant, and information jockey at the Mothman Museum, Steve Ward is all too familiar with Keel, old school ufology, high strangeness, and even the secret of Mothman’s shiny heiny! 

However, for this interview I have decided to challenge Steve’s comfort zone and discuss Gray Barker, a known Keel critic, trickster and myth-maker, yet also a personality Steve had the pleasure of meeting in person. 

But along the way we get distracted with Jim Moseley’s hoaxing shenanigans, Albert Bender’s erotic fantasies, even Trevor Constable’s pursuit of flying amoebas! It does not take us long to realize that Barker had his finger in a lot of pies, and that the most interesting thing about retro ufology: are the people themselves.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Steve Ward for being the nicest guy I had the chance to speak with, yet also a beacon of vast knowledge and history! It was a pleasure documenting this conversation which sent my mind down multiple rabbit holes❤️

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