Writer, artist and mystical hermit Red Pill Junkie reflects on his year-long alchemical process manifesting artwork for the Ufology Tarot project! 

We discuss Tarot cards as talismanic objects and the creative process as a form of mediumship, imbuing art with intent, archetypes and hidden symbology. 

Along the way we often lose our train of thought and discuss seances, the intricate history of ufology, Biblically accurate angels, and the not-so-secret but equally enigmatic group behind the Ufology Tarot project: The Excluded Middle!

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Huge THANK YOU!!! to Red Pill Junkie for emerging from his dark underground bunker to share the colorful background and thought process behind his greatest artistic project to date! ❤️

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Vuk/Darwin, host of Tracing Owls Podcast. All-around trickster weirdo discussing biology, forteana, the paranormal and their intricate cultural nuances!