We spend the episode chipping at the walls and peeling through the layers of an up-and-coming weirdo artist! 

Kris is the creator of Weird Wednesdays, a weekly cartoonist homage to the offbeat liminal entities we all know and love. 

He is also a huge fan of my show! So I decided to invite him over and expose our shy weirdo-in-training to the mystical experience of breaking into the podcasting world via his favorite show, but along the way we both end up reflecting on why we are drawn to the unusual, how the paranormal influences our creativity and perception of the universe, and that genuine podcasting can oftentimes result in a spiritual exchange between the host and the guest.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Kris Galeano for his bravery and authenticity! This field definitely needs more people like Kris who are open to share their thoughts and grow as they navigate the weirdspace ❤️

Follow him on Instagram @kris_galeano 

…and check his Weird Wednesdays project by searching #weirdwednesdays


Huge THANK YOU!!! to The Crescent Hare, a.k.a. Christina (actually a barn owl in “human” disguise) for the amazing episode art!!!

Show your support by following her on Instagram @thecrescenthare

If you wish to proudly display the Veggieman or other whimsical fairy-fied cryptids, all of Christina’s art can be found at www.thecrescenthare.com


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Intro sampled from “Something strange lurks in the shadows” by Francisco Sánchez (@fanchisanchez)

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

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