Earlier this morning I wanted to write down the action from my dream that came after waking up at 3:11AM. 

My dreams are really weird when there is touch sensation involved. 

    There was the sensation of stepping into the dream from another doorway like my spirit was invading the dream space of someone else – I became consciously aware that there were two policemen with shotguns searching for someone in a room with bunk beds, they were rousting one kid awake. Initially they had brushed past me, I thought that my involvement wasn’t needed in the dream, but the sensation of the two men on either side of me was like I actually materialized in between them as the action was beginning. Feeling the weight of the men I realized that I wasn’t in “spirit mode” just watching; I reached out and touched one of the officers in order to “feel” the reality of the situation. The policeman felt me touch him, and I could feel the fabric of his polyester mesh uniform top that read POLICE front and back in black and yellow. Poking the shirt, I could feel the heavy Kevlar underneath. He reacted quickly by saying “Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing!!!” This alarmed me. 

    Luckily, they were after someone else in this nightmare, and I didn’t get a shotgun pointed towards my face. The commotion inside the dorm room was intense. After what seemed like a few minutes, the policemen were satisfied that the perpetrator was not in this room, and they continued outside. They were part of the search teams scattered out across the area flushing out each of the buildings. Somehow, I got outside undetected (Spirit mode?) and began searching the area with them – although I didn’t know who we were looking for. Part of the dream became WEIRD at this point into the Freud territory, after a few minutes of uncomfortably graphic images that reminded me of raunchy teen comedies – I rejoined the search, exiting out from an alleyway out near a parking lot at the edge of the campus. There was a lone car parked in a section with a few spaces – a light blue late model car – I was able to read the plate and make of the car in the dream but the memory of both disappeared. There were mathematical equations written in red grease pencil or marker on the trunk and bumper. A young man stepped out from behind the hedges lining the parking lot, smoking a cigarette. He saw me trying to read the mathematical formulas. —

    I recognized the man as a younger version of the actor Giovanni Ribisi – he asked me “What’s up?? looking at me quizzically – this may have been his nightmare or one of my dream archetypes messing with me. My response was put off a little by the resemblance he had to the actor, and I muttered “Nothing man, you know” shrugging my shoulders. He just flicked his cigarette, went around to the driver’s side of the car and started the engine. I knew that THIS WAS THE GUY, but now he had seen me, I felt like he wouldn’t just let me get away too easily. I kept walking past the building onto a sidewalk outside the campus proper that had tall hedges lining the walk. He let me get about 50 yds. away before slowly driving behind me. I decided that he might try to attack me, when I hit the corner I ran low with the bushes as cover – till I reached another dorm residence building and ducked down low despite there being too much lighting. He turned the corner and drove past – the area was too close to where the police were still too active – I think he had enough and drove away from the campus. I still didn’t know what to do… 

    I woke up trying to remember the make and model of the car… Pontiac? The sequence of the license plate faded, and the mathematical symbols on the back of the car in red marker… a mystery to me.

    This time memory was my downfall – during the dream sequence that the rear of the car was presented with so much text that was readable, if only I could remember the mathematical symbols – like I said before, this didn’t feel like one of my dreams.

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Gabe Miranda lives a stones throw from uptown Charlotte, enjoys Star gazing and creating chaos on Twitter. Currently working on editing diary posts to self publish his first book.