October 7, 2022

    Last night before going to bed, I posted my goodnight as normal on Twitter. Feeling like this routine was becoming bland, I needed to add a little extra. A GIF perhaps? Equating sleep and dreams with a tide or ocean before, I was reminded of that fact after watching a video online and thought of how it wasn’t a far-off assumption on my part due to the alignment of my theory with the presentation. Sometimes the message I try to convey might come across as deeply troubled, I opted for something simple and relatable. “Wading into a warm ocean of dreams” was the message, followed by sunlit waves undulating on a random beach. This image would play into my dreams later in the morning.

        There was action going on, a battle. Usually when my mind decides to become coherent during a dream, there has to be something that catches my attention. Since I am on the spectrum, even the smallest hint of strangeness will trigger that “We must be present” part of attention because of our “involvement”. Much of the dream becomes lost to me due to the action, several things are happening all at once as if to keep me off-balance and confused. I’ve explained this feeling of confusion as part of waking up – the thinnest of membrane between the conscious and unconscious world. Something in the dream world wants me to stay, images are coming at me like the cut scenes from a movie about NASCAR racing.

        Superheroes – a team of us (Again, I think) fighting against a force coming from the sea (Ocean of Consciousness) *Spoiler Alert*

I did watch the new “Wakanda Forever” trailer and this dream may have been seeded by that, and last night’s episode of “She-Hulk” as I am thinking about writing, there are strange similarities if not a direct rip-off and amalgamation happening from within. I will always be the first one to try an “Debunk” my own dreams before putting them in print. Our group consisted of a male/female pair that could grow in size, at least 60 ft tall. (I remember recently seeing reference to the 50ft woman on Twitter – edit) My own power was immense strength, and I could command the creation consciousness matter (That is represented by water in the dream world) of the realm and use it as camouflage. We were fighting the “Darklings” is what I can only describe them as – these were the short muscular beings that have peppered my dreams before. They’re very mischievous and cause chaos as their main goal, these masters of chaotic energy make it impossible to command the realm using Lucidity, if you become sucked into the action. 

Working backward from what actually happened in the dream is the trickiest part of recall, imagine not remembering anything at all, sitting up on the edge of the bed and finally a flicker of an image comes through – you breathe in and silently say “Yes. Dream come back.” Amazingly tiny little snippets of imagery will break out of the barrier and you start to remember. But I digress.

        Along with my group is a child that turns into a woman on command – she is the focal point of the hordes of mini-shades, I believe she is another dreamer or facsimile. Their master isn’t revealed before the end. The place at which the battle takes place is familiar but constructed differently, instead of the brick factory from the dream that I pinned in my Twitter profile feed, we are now in a cobblestoned village – somewhat like Italy. Once again, the water is coming up to the alleyway from beyond and leading out to a larger body of water – the ocean perhaps (This is the second time this type of imagery has caught my attention – the Sirena’s of Brazil were the focal point last time) For this event to play out in similar fashion means that dry land might actually be consciousness – and the water is the ocean of unconscious reality. There are several more “Heroes” available for battle and we become engaged with our enemy that come wading out of the alleyway towards us. I see the giants grow to handle most of the mini shades by scooping up handfuls and tossing them away (I know subliminal dwarf tossing). Using my power of unconsciousness, I blend in with the water trying to move past the army to hit them from behind. The child grows into the woman, she is a fierce fighter – a cross between “The Bionic Woman” and “Jill Monroe” from “Charlies Angels” for all you 70’s geeks – usually the dream will inject something from the timeframe to let me know “Where we are” in the spectrum of time and space. The fact that I referenced these two shows means that I am pointed to the 1975-1976 era when these shows first began and gained popularity.

    I forgot to describe the darkling’s, they looked like little people or kids, no taller than 3.5 ft tall. They had what appeared to be a “void suit” all around, think of a black spandex shrink wrap. A pink glowing band denoting their arms, legs, and torso like a stick figure was the only way to see them the face part was a circle – when they attacked from the darkness this looked menacing.

    Their leader arose from the depths of the water looking like “Mephisto” one of the Big-Bad’s from Marvel comics except he wasn’t red in color, he was darkness, in blues and greens, commanding the waves of water like a chariot and his diminutive hordes expanded from beneath the wave outward in our direction for the battle. Since I could command the water as well, I used that power to grasp my partner and slide us underneath, while the giants and others clashed with the army. We emerged out from behind the advancing column. I caused a tidal wave to sweep away the evil while my team leapt above the waters. The force of my wave knocked us up against the side of the buildings, the small army turned towards us again – not fazed by my counter since they traveled the waters with ease. My partner jumped up and began retreating from the battle, I had to make a choice to stand and fight or run… I chose the latter.

The dream ended and I woke up not feeling any excitement from the adventure but kept thinking about the meaning and symbology.

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Gabe Miranda lives a stones throw from uptown Charlotte, enjoys Star gazing and creating chaos on Twitter. Currently working on editing diary posts to self publish his first book.