Karly joins to discuss mediumship as an art form, Tarot as a tool of storytelling, and the relevancy of divination in today’s diversified paranormal sphere. 

Through her journey of self-reconstruction, Karly has learned to apply Tarot for the purposes of shadow work and narrative building, helping experiencers piece together the meanings behind their personal folklores. 

She sets all cards on the table and shares her personal story of overcoming a conditioned belief system, the destruction and rebuilding of her own identity, and synchronistic events which first landed a deck of cards into her open hand.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Karly, The Village Tarot Witch for her immense honesty and bravery in sharing her struggles with faith, personal identity and institutionalized oppression. I have learned a lot about mediumship as art and have been deeply touched by this conversation ❤️

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