Matt and Angel lose their minds digging through the questionable origins of beloved international cryptids! 

Starting a cryptid podcast just as a fun way to talk about monsters, their desire for proper research oftentimes leads them head first into the dark underbelly of our historical past they never anticipate! Cultural appropriation, colonial imperialism, and even blatant racism have been a staple of cryptozoology since its inception. 

Has this changed at all in modern times, or are we now repurposing these stolen cultural icons to sell cheap products to the masses? To answer this, we also take a brief dive into Matt and Angel’s favorite pastime: Discussing shitty cryptid movies! We almost get eaten by ghost sharks along the way 🤣


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Matt and Angel from Cracking Cryptids and Curios for sharing their first guest appearance with my show, providing so many hard laughs along the way and giving me a sense of hope that casual cryptid podcasts can actually do great research and focus on the cultural complexity of these topics ❤️

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