Lizz shares her experience being haunted by a pesky poltergeist, who even makes an appearance on today’s show! 

Fooling around with an Ouija board as part of her former podcast, Lizz unintentionally summoned a noisy ghost which has been plaguing her ever since with knocks, spilled cereal and flying shoes! 

Moving to a different apartment, she found herself yet again facing tricksterish pranks from this uninvited squatter who refuses to pay the rent. She eventually accepts her miserable fate, lowering her standards enough to end up on my show! 🤣

If by any chance you’re single and would like to mingle with this ghost, try looking it up on


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Lizz from You Should Have Ghosted Podcast for briefly rising out of her podcasting grave to share this haunting tale! 🤣

Check out the ghost of her recently deceased podcast You Should Have Ghosted HERE

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