For Halloween, Landen shares spooky stories of his former job as an autopsy technician! 

Spending almost 8 years of his life in the death investigation field, he has witnessed quite a fair share of disturbing sights: broken bones, dismemberment, castration, maggots and even liquefied remains, all in a day’s work! 

But after getting used to the smell of blood and rot, you start to realize that the single most terrifying aspect of death… is its unforeseen exposure of our own ineptitude in living!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Landen from Autopsy. Podcast for consistently fucking my show over by bringing up disturbing stuff nobody ever wanted to know! I “totally” did not ask for any of this beforehand 🤣

Check out his podcast, creatively named Autopsy. HERE

If you are tired of real corpses and wish to listen to discussion on fake ones, check his new podcast Horror Makes You Brave HERE

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