At the end of this week’s episode I referenced a webcomic that I’ve been working on with past guest and all around good dude, Todd Purse, called Welcome UFO People. Well, we decided to get together and talk about it. On this bonus episode we talked about the comic that inspired us to do the series, the comics that we love, giving new life to old UFO/alien encounter cases, and the witness sketches that inspire us. 

*Note: I kept calling it the Archives for the Anomalous but it’s actually called The Archives for the Unexplained.

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December 3 1967: An Alien Encounter by Michael Jasorka

Herbert Schirmer Presentation on YouTube

The Locke & Key Series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Blankets by Craig Thompson

The Collected Essex County by Jeff Lemire

The Collected Canadian UFO Report Archived on the Archives for the Unexplained

The Archives for the Unexplained

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