A mysterious British gentleman joins to share his life history of high strangeness. 

Starting with terrifying events which imprinted onto him since early childhood, Puxley has been haunted by a plethora of paranormal phenomena for the past 5 decades: Poltergeist activity, levitation, time displacement, spook lights, manifested objects, albino deer and even a gnome encounter, to name a few. 

Could all of this be a hitchhiker effect perpetually haunting him? Or is this the result of Puxley residing in the vicinity of Stonehenge? We don’t know, and frankly we don’t even care! 

My guest does not seek publicity, sensationalism or any explanation of his experiences, only an authentic conversation with someone who will listen to an honest genuine man sharing his story. Along the way we also discuss synchronicities, psychedelics, the complexity of our inner ecosystem, and how phenomena leads to death of ego and unity with the overarching natural world.


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Puxley for asking me to participate in this conversation. He later expressed that the experience of sharing his story had a very therapeutic effect and opened new doors for him to start piecing together the meaning behind these events ❤️

If you wish to reach out to Puxley, follow him on Twitter @JohnyMeatSack

…well fuck, he deleted Twitter, so reach out to him on Mastodon @puxley@mastodon.social


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