Page space within UFO journals of the 50s, 60s, and 70s was dedicated to solely to the seasoned investigator, debuting important cases that we quote endlessly today, for the first time; the established theorist theorizing about the true nature of UFO entities, and other topics.

Aside from listener feedback in select journals, those pages were almost never offered to the witness themselves to tell their own stories. That fact alone makes the story of Bernice Niblett unique. In Volume 2, Number 5 of Canadian UFO Report they dedicated a significant amount of space to Bernice and the experiences she had living in “a saucer nest” during the Winter of 1968.

Willow Truman from The Nonsense Bazaar stops by to talk about Bernice, her unique view on what she experienced 


“I Lived in a Nest of UFOs” by Bernice Niblett, Canadian UFO Report, vol 2 no 5, 1972-73

“Four Faces of Our Visitors”, Canadian UFO Report, vol 2 no 7, 1973

“Interesting Case Discovered Recently in N.H.” N.I.C.A.P. UFO Investigator, July 1972

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