Erin from Myth Monsters helps subvert the role of female monsters in Classic Greek mythology! 

Medusa, Harpies, even the The Chimera for centuries have been used as slaying fodder of manly heroes hellbent on displaying their masculinity, to the detriment of the much subtler feminine natural forces. Just look at the story of Hades and Persephone (also discussed). 

Are the feminine monsters of myth a cultural reflection of an overarching social issue we still face nowadays, and how do we rectify this? 

Today we discuss contemporary society’s reclaiming of the monstrous feminine, why monsters are much more intricate than heroes, and we even delve a bit into the portrayal of classic mythology in the gaming world! Yes, girls play games too, and oftentimes much more creatively ❤️

FACTUAL CORRECTION: I kinda used the term Harpy to refer to Sirens and probably confused poor Erin. It seems Sirens were officially the ladies punished by Demeter. Greek mythology is more convoluted than X-Men comics! To be fair, both Harpies and Sirens are bird-women, and equally badass 🤣


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Erin from Myth Monsters Podcast for sharing her vast mythological knowledge, personal belief system and swaying the episode into a very intricate cultural and sociological discussion which reminds how mythology is still important even in today’s world ❤️

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