We are proud to present our long-awaited community project! Strange Semantics is an in-depth look at the language that we use to  describe this incredible field that we find ourselves in. Terms like paranormal, supernatural, otherworldly, supranatural, supernormal, paraweird, and Fortean are examined through the input of 30 of the most fascinating people in the Fortean community. Podcasters, authors, philosophers, and artists from all over the world provide invaluable  insight on a criminally overlooked aspect of Fortean studies. So, sit back and enjoy a trip across the spectrum of paranormal research!

Listen to the project on Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling:

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strange-semantics/id1577035566?i=1000583282928

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3b7tbySaeeksl2SOnlM8ap?si=c1367a8cf7bd4017


Huge THANK YOU!!! to ALL of our collaborators listed below who made this project possible! We have been so excited to share all of your voices and hear what the phenomenon means to you and how it shapes your creative endeavors ❤️

Aaron Deese, host of Hey Strangeness, author of the upcoming book The Texas Dogman Triangle

Abby Carroll, paranormal investigator, host of Mysteries of the Past & Present on YouTube

Ainsley Cullen, paranormal investigator and blogger at Sydney Spooks⠀

Alan B. Smith, host of Paranormal Now and Coffee & UFOs, creator of HALF LIGHT documentary

AP Strange, discordian weirdo and donut wizard, friend to goblins everywhere

Belief Hole, podcast hosted by 3 brothers, covering conspiracies and the paranormal

Christopher F Cogswell, PhD, host and creator of The Mad Scientist Podcast

Chris Xydas, artist and sculptor at Cryptid Curio

Cole Herrold, researcher for the New World Explorers Society

Dasos Crowsong, druid, writer, crafter and head wand maker at Morgan’s Wand Emporium⠀

David Perkins, fortean writer, researcher and expert in the cattle mutilation phenomenon

Fred Andersson, mystery aficionado, writer and fortean television producer

Greg Bishop, author, publisher of The Excluded Middle, host of Radio Misterioso

Heather Moser, author, folklorist and researcher for Small Town Monsters

Jeff Foran, artist and creator behind Strangeology

Dr. Jack Hunter, author, anthropologist and fortean researcher

Jeremy Vaeni, author, host of Paratopia Podcast and former alien abductee

Joshua Cutchin, author, musician, researcher and comparative folklorist

Dr. Karen Stollznow, doctor of linguistics, researcher, author and host of Monster Talk⠀

Karly Latham, aka The Village Tarot Witch, practicing medium, tarot reader, writer and artist⠀

Lisa and Shane, hosts of Dark Notes Podcast and experiencers of high strangeness

Lon Strickler, Fortean researcher, published author, creator of Phantoms & Monsters

Luke Greensmith, writer, folklorist, filmmaker, creator of LukeLore Podcast

Marc Storrs, graphic designer, web nerd and host of Cryptonaut Podcast⠀⠀

Matthew Schang, experiencer, community-builder and host of Mothboys Podcast⠀

Molly Briggs, writer for Paranormality Magazine, host of Weird Like Me UFOs and Other Phenomenon Podcast

Rick Belcher,  Bigfoot fanboy, community-builder and host of Spooks, Creeps & Assorted Devilries Podcast

Stephanie Quick, writer, synchronicity-seeker and researcher of erotic mysticism⠀⠀

Todd Purse, artist, musician, comic creator and host of Create Magic Podcast

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Vuk/Darwin, host of Tracing Owls Podcast. All-around trickster weirdo discussing biology, forteana, the paranormal and their intricate cultural nuances!