Local Delawarian Todd joins for a wacky unmasking of the Selbyville Swamp Monster! Back in 1964 Fred Stevens, a resident of Selbyville, Delaware, decided to sell a load of newspapers by dressing up as a monster, carrying a spiked bat and scaring the living daylights out of unwary drivers! 

A few dead chickens and drunk shooters later, Fred was forced to abandon the mantle of The Swamp Monster… yet even decades later people still keep witnessing Dat Gosh-Darn Swamp Monster!

However, the swamp monster is only the tip of the anomalous iceberg that is Sussex County: Decapitated ghost girls, witch trees, phantom cars, misplaced kangaroos, sentient UFOs and even the Catman’s graveyard, there are many more liminal residents who call the surrounding area home! 

Could Sussex County be an actual window area hidden right beneath our noses… or is this stench of high strangeness just the result of us pulling stuff out of our asses? Ask any skeptic, they will tell you it’s all just swamp gas!


R.I.P. William Frederick Stevens, a.k.a. “The Swamp Monster”! (1937 – 2021)


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Todd Purse for radiating with so much enthusiasm and positive energy, but also for the amazing episode artwork he created!

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