Fortean librarian Cole Herrold presents the most comprehensive research into the Vegetable Man, or rather the man of mystery behind this case: Jennings Frederick. 

We uncover an intricate contactee story hidden under all our noses for decades! Was this tale just a silly hoax by Gray Barker, was it his own erotic fan fiction, or was it rather a forgotten tale of high strangeness from an unsung Fortean icon? 

Vampiric plant creatures, demonic imps, psychic UFO communications, alien abduction, secret NASA UFO programs and even the dreaded Men in Black, this episode has it all! 

Will we be able to piece it all together without a comprehensible timeline? Probably not, but at least we are laying the foundations for future research!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Cole Herrold from New World Explorers Society for sharing the most comprehensive research into the Jennings Frederick saga!

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Cryptonaut Podcast Episode 13: Vegetable Man


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