Willow from The Nonsense Bazaar pulls us into the world of starseeds and hypnofetishists, sharing personal experiences mingling in both communities, how these communities provide a sense of belonging and normality to those who feel ostracized from humanity, and how these communities may actually empower neurodivergent individuals! 

Yes guys, this is a very thoughtful, heartwarming and important episode ❤️ 

On the other side however, Willow helps explain the ethical issues of utilizing hypnosis in alien abduction research, as well as its use in implanting false memories or even predatory behavior. 


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Willow Truman from The Nonsense Bazaar for her bravery, honesty and openness to discuss very personal topics! Her story inspired me to feel compassion and kindness towards an often marginalized community, and realize that strange beliefs and practices often empower those who need power the most ❤️

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