Donut wizard AP Strange discusses his uncanny ability of book conjuring! Weird synchronistic events which allowed him to manifest a vast library of rare and antique Fortean titles. 

We discuss the role of books as talismanic objects, vectors which allow readers to imprint their essence or even channel into a collective realm! Discussed are the strange lives of some of the greatest Fortean authors: Colin Wilson, Allen Greenfield, Fredrick William Holiday and even Trevor James Constable. 

But along the way we lose our train of thought, proceeding to provide imaginal offerings to Ashtar Galactic Command, and even the egregore of Nessie!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to AP Strange for soothing our ears with his delightful voice! Hopefully he decides to narrate a few audiobooks and not get sued in the process ❤️

Check out his podcast, creatively named The Eternal Void, but with Jazz! HERE

Check out his website as well at (yes, he is semi-professional, and a nice guy too!)

Follow him on twitter @AProdigiosus

Also,  if you can’t get enough of the Weirdness, check out the episode of Our Strange Skies where he discussed the Carl Higdon Abduction HERE

…or his appearance on Where Did the Road Go, discussing Alien Animals HERE


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