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A couple of months ago, patrons of Our Strange Skies voted on a non-UFO topic that we would cover. Among the choices of “Haunted Objects, “Gef, the Talking Mongoose” and “The Beast of Boggy Creek,” the topic that won, with 38% of the vote was The San Pedro Haunting.

The San Pedro Haunting, otherwise know as the Jackie Hernandez Poltergeist case, is a uniquely violent case. Jackie, along with other eyewitnesses and investigators were terrorized by a group of alleged ghosts who were out for revenge, including the spirit of a man who had been murdered in San Pedro harbor.

A group of videographers, including Barry Conrad and Jeff Wheatcraft, under the guidance of parapsychologist, Dr. Barry Taff, documented the strange phenomenon that occurred in a small bungalow in San Pedro, which included mysterious substances oozing from the walls, strange light anomalies and orbs, large thudding sounds coming from the attic, which played a central role in the haunting, and much more.

Richard Hatem stops by to discuss the case, provides his own unique rating system, *sigh*, and the elements that make this such a unique case. So, tune in and let the poltergeist throw bingo cards at you!


An Unknown Encounter – Documentary by Barry Conrad

An Unknown Encounter (Book) by Barry Conrad

Blithe Spirits: A History of Poltergeists by S.D. Tucker

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