These “Flash” dream sensations are fleeting and I would recommend trying to catch one as it happens. There have been times before where I’ve come to the conclusion that “We are dreaming, all of the time” – this can only be proven individually, if you are capable of waking yourself up instantly after catching up to a dream. Most of the times when you start dreaming, there is a mechanism involved to keep you asleep. The trick of waking up might not be easy at first when you change over from relaxation into a conscious/sleep state. These first dreams were from my morning “Nap.”

The first dream was a view from above, there was a crowd of people moving along together, kind of like when you’re watching a marathon – except, as my perspective came in closer for a look, these were all zombies. Again with the zombies as a particularly invasive image in my dreams.

The second dream was of a woman in traditional Japanese clothes running away from a man, also dressed traditionally for the period. He draws a sword and lunges forward catching the poor woman in the back.

The third dream was a little whimsical, three or four men were doing yo-yo tricks with light-up yo-yo’s in the hold of a cargo plane They were obviously killing time on the night flight, the hold was darkened, save for some runner lights along the floor. As a point of familiarity the yo-yo’s glowed lime-green.

A few days ago, while at work – I tested my ability to catch these dreams. Usually this works better when I’m feeling a level of tired that feels like when the power switch is turned off on a generator, grinding-to-a-halt tired.

The first dream (Which I may have Tweeted about jokingly) was more of a horror-movie themed scenario. A man is walking towards a large well-lit shed at night. He’s carrying a woman’s body, she’s battered and bloody – we can’t tell if she’s alive or not. There is a look of shock or insanity on the man’s face. He doesn’t say a word, but continues towards the shed to complete some nefarious task. 09/27/2022

The next day, when I leaned back it only took less than thirty seconds to drop in on a dream that was “In Progress” like I had changed the channel from reality to sleep. Two gargoyle-like entities were flying in a two-seater Red Baron styled plane shooting at other gargoyle flown planes and mistakenly at a castle that caused the two to have a fight.

After I absorbed the first dream the theme was castles again, this time instead of gargoyles flying airplanes, the scene changed to dragons flying around, shooting flames from their gaping maw’s in battle with each other. Two of the gargantuan flying serpents engaged in close battle, one used its foot talons to swipe at the breast of its opponent. The second dragon let out a screech and howl as the razor-sharp claws, drew blood.

I’m able to capture these “Flash” dreams just from the active practice of taking intermittent naps that resemble short narcoleptic episodes. My brain might be wired differently, then again I’m sure my sleep patterns were permanently distorted by working third shift for several years.





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Gabe Miranda lives a stones throw from uptown Charlotte, enjoys Star gazing and creating chaos on Twitter. Currently working on editing diary posts to self publish his first book.