Inspired by a dear fan, and my amazing experience guesting on Seriah’s show, I decide to end the month expressing gratitude towards my listeners, guests and everyone who had me guest on their own shows! 

We end September with 15 incredible episodes! Such a monumental month for my podcast, and an amazing experience collaborating with friends and idols alike. 

Along the way I keep losing my train of thought and go into a discussion about the role of credibility in the paraweird field, whether we should be seeking it, or rather should we just allow ourselves to be taken by the stream of high strangeness and embrace the fuckuppery!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Seriah of Where Did the Road Go? for having me guest on his show and share cool new perspectives with a larger audience! You may listen to the episode HERE

Check out the amazing bonus episode we did for Seriah’s Patreon at

and last but not least… check out my buddy and Gaian fanboy Josh on Instagram @joshishkabobadopolis


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